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Digital Memory Media transforms your films, media, and documents into a crystal clear and cinema quality digital format that will last forever.

Our state of the art technology has allowed us to deliver high performance digitization of motion pictures for the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences, as well as some of the world's most important original documents contained in historical archives, including medieval manuscripts, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution.

Through our unique technology, long time experience, and professional services, Digital Memory Media has become the premier digitization company, serving communities, businesses and families worldwide for over 15 years.


Why You Must Act Now

Deterioration of Film Over Time

Unknown to many people is the fact that photographs and videotapes deteriorate. Due to the chemical makeup and development process of photographs through the years, deterioration of photos is expected.

Videotapes lose their magnetic signal over time as the binder that holds the magnetic particles to the polyester base decays. The friction between the VCR head and tape causes the quality and color to deteriorate, and the tape grows brittle and eventually breaks.

People are starting to realize this. It is therefore no surprise that thousands of people are contacting DMM to preserve their memories before they fade away.

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Watch your home videos on your mobile device

Imagine keeping historic moments and home videos at your fingertips, for viewing and sharing at any time. Keep your vintage masterpieces catalogued with your new photos all in one place, including your phone or tablet.

Millions of customers use us because it's simple and secure...

Three Easy Steps to Preserve Your Memories:


1. Order

Receive an estimate instantly. Place your order quickly and easily with our online ordering system and check the status of your order through your account.

2. Send

Ship your memories to us in our pre-paid shipping container. All your original materials will be bar coded and documented to ensure nothing is lost.

3. Receive

Receive your digitized memories in our customized DVD Case branded with your memories or on a hard drive .


We Use the Same Process We Used to Digitize the U.S. Constitution to Preserve Your Precious Memories

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Tape to DVD

From $14.00

Film to DVD

From $13.00

Cassette/Vinyl to CD

From $18.00

Photo to Digital

From $0.40



Our customers love us because we are safe and reliable

  • After 10 years of procrastinating, we finally had 23 VHS tapes of our two sons growing up years converted to DVDs by Digital Memory Media. The quality, service, and prices were great! We had the finished DVDs back in less than 3 weeks. We highly recommend Digital Memory Media to all. You will be totally happy with your finished product. Don't wait to do it ... DO IT NOW! One day your VHS tapes will be frail and possibly unwatchable even if you can find a VHS player.
    - Linda and Stephen Ternlund, North Brunswick, NJ
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